Best Pocket Knives 2021

Whether you only need it to open packages of moisturizer and exfoliating lotion or clean the gator you just wrassled into submission, you’ll want to have a folding your hip at all times. Slip joint knife. On a slip joint knife, the blade doesn’t lock, but is held in place by a spring device that allows the blade to fold only if a certain amount of pressure is applied. Most pen knives or multi-purpose knives use the slip joint blade.

After that, we simply spent the majority of our testing carrying the knives around and using them daily. This approach gave us the best feel for the overall combination of ergonomics, pivot design, and handling, something that no lab testing could truly zero in on. Lock blade knife. The name of the blade explains it all. When you open the blade fully on this type of knife, the blade locks in place.

Stainless Steel Pocket Knife 1

They are often used as everyday carry knives. 4.75″ closed. 3.63″ satin finish partially serrated 440A stainless blade. Black sculpted G10 handle. Blue sculpted G10 handle. 2.63″ closed. 1.75″ satin finish stainless blade. Red plastic handle.

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If you’re the first generation gifting a knife down the family tree, what better way to birth the tradition than with one of Deejo’s customizable knives. Sons covet dad or grandad’s knife just because it belongs to an elder they admire. With a Deejo knife, your son or grandson will want the blade because it’s yours and also because it’s so damn cool. Heirlooms are a vital piece of any family history, handed down from generation to generation for as long as man has worked with his hands. Deejo knives are featherweight and so unbelievably light, you’ll likely forget it’s in your pocket until its time for action. Sure, your current knife does the job, but it’s probably taking up a good bit of real estate in your pocket.

Most Haptically Satisfying One Hander

Friction folder knife. This is another method of a non-locking blade. Friction folder knives use friction between the blade and the scales to hold the blade in place once opened. A recommended you read jack knife has a simple hinge at one end, and may have more than one blade. The jack knife is popular among hunters, fishermen, and campers. Benchmade 4300 CLA Composite Lite Auto.

  • Those features, as well as the unusual and comfortable teardrop-shaped handle, make this model a great knife for tougher work and more aggressive cutting.
  • Variations include oversized versions called Arkansas or Texas Toothpicks, and miniaturized version, called a Baby Toothpick.
  • A good example of a lock blade knife is the Buck knife.
  • The Coast FDX302 feels durable and has a secondary blade lock, but at over 7½ inches it’s a larger knife, and we much preferred the smaller CRKT Drifter.
  • Picking out a knife is a personal thing.
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